Saturday, January 28, 2012

Still Based On SSM

Ha3... Dah patut dapat gaji baru ni kalau meja dah bersepah macam ni.
I read NSTP yesterday and quite surprised when I found article "Civil Servants Pay For Next Month Still Based On SSM".  Let me share with others regarding that news :

Kuala Lumpur : The February salary for civil servants will also be based on the existing Malaysia Remuneration System (SSM) following the government's decision to pay salaries under the New Remuneration for the civil servants (SBPA) scheme only after a review, The Finance Ministry said yesterday.

It said in a statement that the differences between SSM and SBPA salaries for January, scheduled to be paid on Jan 31 for civil servants who have opted for the new scheme, could not be implemented as announced on Jan 9.

" The payment of the adjusted salary based on the SBPA scheme will only be made after the review of the SBPA scheme with the date of implementation as Jan 1, 2012, " it said.

The Finance Ministry said the decision was also based on a request made by the Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (CUEPACS).

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had said that a special committee chaired by former Public Service Department Director General Tan Sri Ismail Adam had been given three months to review and improve the SBPA scheme.

Under the SBPA scheme as announced by Najib in the 2012 Budget, civil servants will receive an annual salary increment of RM80 to RM 320 according to their grade.
Ingat, wpun gaji baru lewat, jangan plak lewat nak punch in.

Actually I don't mind if the SBPA scheme and the new salary postphone till the committee finished reviewing the new scheme. I do not think that PSD can fulfill all the requirements that CUEPACS requested because whatever new scheme implemented in this world, it is very hard to satisfied each of the civil servants in Malaysia. But cross in my mind, why there is no meeting or discussion set up between government and all civil servants unions in Malaysia before they launched the new scheme. The implication of this situation has reflected  that we are still not ready to be established as transformational government that inspired by our Prime Minister. For me, announcing the new scheme and then review before implementing has given the bad name to PSD itself. Orang kat warung kopi cakap "Macam kerja main-main..."
Guru-guru yang tetap mengajar walaupun SBPA ditangguhkan.

Anyway, to all civil servants who are anxiously waiting for the new salary and the increment that promised to be bank in on 31 Jan 2012, don't worry; you still can get your arrears once they finished review the SBPA because the new scheme still effective from 1 Januari 2012. Always remember, everything happened ada hikmahnya. Allah knows and Allah will give the best for us if we always thanks to Him, the almighty. 

Percaya bahawa kerajaan akan mengotakan janjinya kepada kakitangan awam.

To CUEPACS and PSD, discuss properly and come out with the best result. Chaiyo! Chaiyo!

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