Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Salute To Every Malaysian

Durian is still the King of Fruits.

Last two days, during Thaipusam holiday, I went back to my wife home town. I took this opportunity to clear some old newspaper at living room. Suddenly I found News Straits Times 31 August 2011 issue and one full page has attracted me. That whole page sponsored by Perodua to wish all Malaysian Happy Independence and Malaysia day. What I like most on that page is the poem written by anonymous; it is very touching and make me feel how lucky am I to be born in a land that called Malaysia. 
Attending relatives' wedding ceremony is still compulsory in my family.
A Salute To Every Malaysian

For the ones who mix their coffee with tea
Who look for nasi lemak when they’re overseas
And the ones who finish their meals with an ABC.

For those who speak more than two languages
Who ride with their jackets on backwards
And the ones who can’t wake up
Without a ‘Super Kau’ kopi-o first.

For the ones who call everyone ‘Bro’
Who ‘Lat-Tali-Lat’ to decide who gets to go
And the ones who’re bargain-hunting
Best-price-finding pros.

For the ones who stay up late for matches
Who island-hop on our beautiful beaches
And the ones would never
Ever trade durians for peaches.

For the ones who gave their lives for Merdeka
Who laid the foundations in the days of Malaya,
And the ones who proudly
Call themselves Malaysians.

For the ones on the east and west coast
Who call Sabah and Sarawak home
And for every Malaysian
Because you matter most.

Even though this is Malaysia but still maintain the colonies name.
Some of us were  the unsung heroes who fought for independence. Some of us are the citizens who drive the nation today. But all of us are Malaysians. May we never forget. May we fly our flags high. And may we always stand united.

Happy Merdeka and Malaysia Day.

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