Sunday, April 12, 2009

Loonnng time No see...

Goshhh... it is a long time to start again my blog. That's not because I'm lazy but actually I've misplaced my pass word. Funny, I have wrote it but did not know where I put it. Actually it is in my planner.

Currently, I m busy with my new additional task that given by my boss even though it is not under my job spec. Anyway, boss is always right because they have power... power... such as power rangers.

Have you ever seen Ultraman? Ya... I'm the giant and my boss is the Ultraman. What ever strategy that you take, at last, the ultraman must win. That's why, the series is call Ultraman not giant.

Me, I've to do the job and it brings a lot of experience in how I manage 65 schools under me. Sometimes, it cross in my mind, why should I do this...
But, it will disappear when I realize that, this helter skelter job should be done by me because I ask for a job. If not, better I sleep at home and become one from teh jobless that being retrenched due to our economic crisis.

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