Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today, I'm having my cuti-cuti Malaysia. Yesterday was Thaipusam, thus today is holiday for Negeri Selangor. What I would like to do today ????

Ikut hati... I wanna fill my day with sleeping and sleeping after two days attended my lecture. Chinese says " Manyak penat ma... Suma satu bada ada lasa asam-asam."

But... my wife has listed a lot of things to be done today

1. collect all my dirty clothes
2. iron my working clothes for Tuesday - Friday
3. iron her clothes (he...he..he.. don't worry, she is not queen control but just a mou that has been declared right after our marriage - she will cook and clean our house and I will do the rest )
4. drill and fix the house no. (actually she has bought the house no since last year but I still reluctant to fix it - no drill machine ma...) Yesterday I borrowed from my brother the tool and will fix the number for her - She bought the no around RM 80.00. Wow, it was so exorbitant... (no wonder my wife always grumbling that I am the stingiest person in the world.)
5. help her to move our sofa and our dining table (she will do this every month) - She is Anjung Seri Addicted
6. going to market

and my own task
7. set up my questionnaires
8. call my supervisor
9. write some calling letters that will be distributed in my district.

Ok, pen off now because she is calling me to start my duty.

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