Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where is my office?

Ha... ha... ha... This my office. I hate to go there because the parking lot is not enough for all staff here. Actually, my office is not here because this is only my main office.

I'm working 1.5 km from here. We call it as xyz branch. But, everyday we have to go here to make some business esp. when I've to deal with my big... big... boss and financial department (the most important department in my life...)
Why???? For sure... this is the place where we have to submit our mileage allowance. An important event that should be done every month... he...he... hee

As I mentioned before, once we arrived here, we have to take at least 10 minutes to find a place to park our car. The good solution, just park in front of others car, but it will become a problematic time when you park in front of the car that is not in the same ministry with us.

From upstairs you will hear honk and nasty words that appear from the owner mouth. When it happened, do not worry, just make a nice smile, close your ear and move your car without looking at the owner face. If not, all the kung fu fighting will be seen in the parking lots.

Let us calculate ...

One time - 10 minutes
Two times / day - 20 minutes x 2 = 40 minutes.

One week - 5 days working
5 x 40 minutes = 200 minutes

3 hours 20 minutes government has to pay to the gov servant in order to find a parking lot.

Heee... he.... NO wonder every year my tax is increasing.

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