Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Handling Courses

This week I've to handle two courses at SK Lembah Beringin. One is from IPGM Kampus Ilmu Khas and one more is from IPGM Kampus Bahasa Antarabangsa. The participants are araound 100 (still didn't update the attendance because I've to rush down to my office).

Since I attached as Pegawai Latihan for my sector, I realize that there are two type of person who came for the course. Type A, who attended the course because he applied himself and Type B; the person wha has been forced to attend because the person who listed has other job or activity.

Type A - will come punctually and listen carefully to the lecturer. Jott down everything and take part in any activities actively.

Type B - Hampeh. Datang lambat, talkative and kurang ajar dengan penceramah. Rasa macam bagus dan macam dia le yang pandai sangat.

# Anyway, from observation; secondary teachers are more behave. And frankly speaking, yang paling teruk ialah peserta dalam kalangan guru agama dan kaunselor. Some of them don't have manners at all. Kenapa ya ????

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