Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Banyaknya kerja...

Minggu ni banyak betul kerja yang kena buat. Rasa macam nak give up.

Isnin (27th July) - Collecting data and releasing approval letter for organizing school training.

Selasa (28th July) - Kursus Zoom A (ICT and Web Site base training) morning till evening
Kursus JSU dan Item Maths Level 1 - 25 km from my office. Petang je.

Wed (29th July) - Kursus JSU dan Item Maths Level 2 - SK Kalumpang same place like yesterday.
I've to book auditorium.

Thurs (30th July) - Kursus JSU BM SR (PKG Kampung Soeharto ) - 85 km from my office
Afternoon - I've to attend for a meeting regarding action research proposal
at Shah Alam (245 km from PKG Kampung Soeharto )

Fri (31st July) - Kursus JSU BI SR (same place as yesterday) and at the same time; I've to attend Colloqium "Teacher As A Practioner" meeting at SMK Kampung Soeharto.

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