Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Why do you create blog?

My colleague, ICT expertise in my office do asked me this question when I told him that since yesterday; I have my own blog. For him, I'm not ICT savvy that always sit in front of my lap top and surfing anything from internet.

Second question, who teach you to create the blog?

Are you insane because I never look you surfing anything at office?

Ha... ha... ha... I'm still thinking the main objective I create my own blog. For sure, the new USA president has point me a new idea (is it true...????) No, lah (Manglish style).

Actually I miss something; miss to write and communicate fluently in English. I feel that my English become worst everyday. It is not as great as I had during my school day. Right now, (if you can read in my blog, I only can write simple English and there is no bombastic word at all that will make people excited to read my blog). I lost a lot especially when I'm not using this language after left my secondary school. I think the grammar also will make people laugh at me when they read my blog.

Might be, the surrounding and the environment did not help me to improve my English. No one would like to communicate in English during my form six. Poor me. That was the consequence that I should face when I enrolled in form six art.

After finish my form six, I've been offered to pursue my studies at teacher training college at Ipoh Perak. After 30 months, I became a Malay Language Teacher (means - Adios English). That is one from main factor which makes my English become worst.

After ten years teaching Malay Language, I persue my studies at Universiti Teknologi Mara. Gosh, even though this universiti is just open for bumiputra, but they are using English as their teaching and learning medium. Starting my first day at this university, I have to survive with my bad English.

After for years, I graduated from that university. Then, I proceed with my Master. Now, I am in the competetive class where all the best students from other university are now becomes my friends. From Hull University, from Arizona, Cambridge, young lecturers from UiTM, Unitar, International Islamic University of Malaysia (who are very proud of their alma mater) and etc...

Dean, ex-dean, practioners, ex-ambassadors and professor are my lecturers. Their English - fuhh like water in the stream. Once it flows, can not be stop anymore.

I think, among all my friends, I'm the worst. My IIUM best friend always remind me, "Cikgu, your English is not improve at all and you always make a silly mistake."

How sad I'm...

And I still remember during my Human Capital class, my ex-dean called me. By whispering, "Cikgu I've something that I would like to share and it will become secret between us; nobody will know."

"Ok," I said.

" Your weaknesess are your English .... " Only that I can hear her voice because I turn left and I saw all students in my class giggling when they heard the ex-dean voice with the high notes and highest decibel.

God, is this whispering ......... Arghhhh...

Since the black day, I make a drastic and proactive action. I've to do something. I've to write, and write, and write and read what ever that written by me and try to find out my grammar mistakes. If I can find it, I think I ve done something in order to improve my English.


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